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 Character Zero de Phish

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Character Zero By Phish Album: Billy Breathes Here's my version...Try it and see if it sounds a little better. Transcribed by Eli ( Riff 1 E ----------------------------------------------- B -----------------------------3 (let ring)--- G -----------------------0---------------------- D ------2p0-5-2-0-2----2------------------- A ---------------------------------------------- E -3p0---------------------------------------- Riff 2 E ----------------------------------------------- B -----------------------------2 (let ring)--- G -----------------------0---------------------- D ------2p0-5-2-0-2----2------------------- A ---------------------------------------------- E -3p0---------------------------------------- Riff 1 I was taught a month ago Riff 2 To bide my time and take it slow Riff 1 But then I learned just yesterday Riff 2 To rush and never waste the day Riff 1 Now I'm convinced the whole day long Riff 2 That all I learn is always wrong Riff 1 And things are true that I forget Riff 2 Well no one taught that to me yet