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Sent: Friday, December 19, 1997 10:25 PM Title: Cities Artist: Phish originally written by the Talking Heads Here is how Phish plays Cities on their new CD, Slip Stitch and Pass, and in in concert. This is the guitar part only. The pianist plays chords. intro-hit the D chord, with wah (used in the whole song) after you hit the D mute the strings and keep the beat. This goes throughout the whole verse. Verse: Think of London D Small City D Dark, D Dark in the daytime. D People sleep D sleep in the daytime. D If they want to, D If they want to. D I'm checkin em out NOTE: Df means D FLAT Df I'm checkin em out Df I got it figured out D I got it figured out there's some D some good points, G F F# some bad points G F F# but it all works out. F F I'm just a little freaked out F F Chorus: Find your city F# find yourself a city to live in. E B I will find a city, F# Find yourself a city to live in. E B Verse: Alot of bridges in Birmingham A lot of ghosts In a lot of houses Look over there Dry Ice factory good place to get some thinking done. I'm checkin' em out I'm checkin em out I got it figured out Im the one that got it figured out there's some Some good points some bad points. and then the Chorus again, followed by an instrumental break. This is a great time for some doodling on the B major scale. After this another verse: Did I forget to mention Forget to mention Memphis? Home of Elvis and the Ancient Greeks C I smell? I smell home cookin' It's only the river It's only the river I'm checkin em out I'm checkin em out I got it figured out I got it figured out there's some some good points some bad points are those things real? goodnight (what does he really say here?) The song ends with the chorus, which goes around FOUR times instead of 2. After that a short jam is carried out and finishes the song. If you have any questions e-mail me at by Drew Best