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 First Tube de Phish

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t. See for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# First Tube - Phish ================== Album - Farmhouse by Ryan Bollettino 4-10-2000 This tune is generally in the key of A Gordon's bass riff in the beginning is LowE---3--5--0--3--5--0, etc.. After a few measures Trey comes in with the main riff: E|--------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------5------6-5-5---3-3------------| G|--------5-4-4-7-5-5---7-7--------5-----4-5-5-2----| D|--5-7-7----------------------------------------2--| A|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------5------6-5-5---3-3------------| G|--------5-4-4-7-5-5---7-7--------5-----4-2--------| D|--5-7-7-------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------| After this, Trey plays some distorted power chords similar to an E7, but not quite. Keep messing with it. Since the album hasn't come out yet, I tabbed it by ear from the 10/3/99 at the Rosemont Horizon. It took me a few hours to get it down, but I'm confident that this is right on. As far as effects go, Trey's got more sounds than Pavarotti after 6 helpings of chili. Enjoy! -Bollo