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Horn - Phish sur
There is another tab posted that differs from mine. I don't know if i'm right or not, but this is slightly more complete. Horn by Phish Intro: 4 times solo, 2 with whole band, then 4 with singing. E----------------------------------- B--------------------------9-9------ The intro is a little hard to G--------------------------9-9------ pull off right on an acoustic. D-----------0--------------9-9------ A---0h10h12---12h14--------7-7------ E-------------------12-0------------ Why... (or Whine, i can't tell) Why... Car... Horn. Verse: (I use all standard bar chords.) E Now that you've decieved me, G And played my name around, D And hung those nasty flyers A On all the buildings in town... F Dribbled my possessions C In a ring around the earth Em? (I'm not too sure about that Em, And bought and sold my self-control in fact it's probably wrong, but E it sounds better than anything For less than it was worth. else i've found. If you figure it out, clue me in.) (Intro 2 times) E Now I know the reason G That I'm feeling so forlorn... Am (softly) I'll pick you up at eight as usual, E Listen for my horn. Sorry, but i don't know the whole solo. I'm no Trey, but this should get you started: E------------12---------------------------------- B---12h15-12-----15-12----12-(12)---------------- G----------------------14------------14-12------- D---------------------------------14------------- A------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------ B-------------------12--------------------------- G------12-14--12-14-----12----14--12------------- D---14---------------------14--------14-12------- A------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------ E------------------ B------------------ G------------14---- Sorry; that's where i trail off. D------12-15------- If you work out the rest, please post it. A---13------------- E------------------ A great song, with one of my favorite intros. Also, though Phish is great at making a song different every time you hear it, this one doesn't change too radically, as far as i can tell. Comments/suggestions/corrections to: Hope it's useful. Peace.