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Extra tab help: A.J (Cecil) Davis, and Jarod Eddy BAND : PHiSH {As played on their New Years show 12/31/91 @ Worcester, MA} ======================================= ==============McGrupp================== ======================================= Riff #1 Em9 Dm9 B7 p e-------7-------5-------7-----9-7--- B-------9-------7-------7----------- G-------8-------6-------7----------- : D-------9-------7-------7----------- A-------7-------5-------9----------- E--0-0------------------7----------- Riff #2 E E E e-------x------------------------------ B-------9-10--9-10--9-10----10-------- G-------9-----9-----9----------9-7---- D-------9-----9-----9--------------9-- A-------7-----7-----7------------------ E---------------------------------------- Riff #2 (cont) C#m B A B e------------------------------- B----10------7------5-----7----- G---9------8------6-----8------- X6 D-11-----9------7-----9--------- A------------------------------- E------------------------------- Repeat Riff #1 Then Riff #3 Natural Asus Harmonics e-----0-------------^-7------------- B-----0------------^-7-------------- G-----6------^-5--^-7--------------- x4 D-----7-----^-5---7---------------- A-----7----^-5---------------------- E-----5----5----------------------- Chord Progression over Lyrics: A D A D I've alternated my meager f... A Ab F#m B A With the teeth of time I've spun t... B A F#m B My king, my house, my turn... C D The march of Colonel Forbin and his fleet Repeat Riff #3 The crime ... I tie my ... We lie on ... While the ferns ... Repeat Riff#3 (with a funky A minor fill-groove thang) While times .. Have stole .. They wrye and ... Nestled in their cave. The spotted stripers ... id like to get his ... etc......etc....etc Looks too much.....he looks too much.... Riff #4 E9 D D \ C e---7------5--5---3- B---7------7--7---5- G---8------7--7---5- D---9------7--7---5- A---7------5--5---3- E------------------- Then Riff #5 E E E D C#m e-------x------------------------------ B-------9-10--9-10--9-10--7---10---7---5---5---3--2--- G-------9-----9-----9-----7----9---8---6---4---4--3--- D-------9-----9-----9-----7---11---9---7---6---5--4--- :X4 A-------7-----7-----7-----5--------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- Riff #6 is alternately picked and doubles the tempo (D=Down, U=Up) C# A9 F#m B D D D D D D U D D D D U D U D e------4--4--4---4--4--4--4---5-5-5---2--2---------- B------5--5--5---5--5--5--5---5-5-5---2--2--4--4--4- G------4--4--4---4--4--4--4---6-6-6---2--2--4--4--4- :X4 D------6--6--6---6--6--6--6---5-5-5---4--4--4--4--4 A------4--4--4---4--4--4--4---7-7-7---4--4--2--2--2- E-----------------------------5-5-5---2--2---------- Riff #6 cont e-----------------------------12\----15\---- B------8-8-8--8-8-7\8--8-8----12\----15\---- G------7-7-7--7-7-6\7--7-7------------------ D------6-6-6--6-6-5\6--6-6------------------ : A----6\7-7-7--7-7-6\7--7-7------------------ E------------------------------------------- Riff #6 cont e------------------------------------------ B-----10-10-10---10-10-9\10-10---15\----17\ G-----9--9--9----9--9--8\9--9----15\----17\ D-----8--8--8----8--8--7\8--8-------------- : A---8\9--9--9----9--9--8\9--9-------------- E------------------------------------------ Back into riff #5 descending finally to A major Then end with A A e---0--------------- B---2--------------- G---2--------------- D---2--2-2------2-2- : and fade A---0------0-0----- E------------------ Thanks, any help with the chords over the lyrics, especially you piano players, would be very ... helpful. Thanks to Phish for all the great music!