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 Mound de Phish

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Song: Mound Artist: Phish Album: Rift Track #: 11 Recently, Phish told an audiance that they forgot how to play MOUND or at least thats what i was told. Not believing this, i poped in the tune and figured it out. Lets just hope they didn't forget it! Intro: Blues in E ((With root E) B, B C#, C# D, D C#, C# B).... Then Switches over to: Blues in D (( With root D) A, A B, B C, C B...) The guitar part is D Minor played on the fifth fret, D Minor played on the tenth fret, F Major played on the eighth fret, and the E Minor played on the seventh fret. It looks like this: Dm Dm, Dm Dm, F F, Em Em You get it The Chorus is like this : B Flat, F Major, C, F Major, B Flat, C and then ends on a D Minor (ya know, ... "Beneath the ground!") Thats it!!! No one could forget it! Great Song! ~Ricky This is all my own work!