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 Take It Back de Pink Floyd

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"Take It Back" by: Pink Floyd All copyrights and other jazz belongs to the artist. I simply tabed this because no one else would ============================================= Ok here we go, I'll looked around the net for a tab to Floyd's Take it Back, but there was none. I did this out of sheer boredom, so don't expect to much. Throughout most of the song you'll need extream echo, as to Floyd likes to be all ambient that way. The cutisy riffs right after the first cluster of lyrics were kindov tough, so feel free to make any changes you deam nessisary. Email me at for comments, questions, opinions, other junk. I WILL REPLY! Have fun with this one, don't be afraid to correct me. Jack Prenger P.S. I've added some side instructions along the way to make things go smooth. I highly recommend listening to the song before trying to play it. HEAVEY ECHO THROUGHOUT G e:------------| B:------3--3--| G:----0-------| D:--5-----5---| First sequence.....Repeat 12 times A:------------| (mute D string with wrist) E:------------| G ^--let ring (LOTS of echo) e:-------------------3---3----3--------------------------------| B:------3--3-----3-----3------1-(pause-------3---3-------------| G:----0--------0---0-------0-----with------0-------------------| D:--5-----5--5-------------------echo)----5-----5--------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------| Repeat first sequence a few more times e:---------------3--3------------------------------------------| B:------3--3------3-1------(pause with echo again)-------------| G:----0--------0-----------------------------------------------| D:--5-----5--5-------------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------| repeat first sequence e:-------3----| B:---3---3----| G:----0--0----| ----starts into lyrics D:-5-----5----| A:------------| E:------------| (G) Her love rains down on me, easy as the breeze I listen to her breathing, it sounds like the waves on the seas (C) I was thinking all about her, burning with rage and desire (G) We were spinning into darkness, and the earth was on fire She could (Cadd9) Take it back, She might (Csus) take it back (G) Someday G I spied on her, I lied to her, I made promises I could not keep. And I here her laughter rising, rising from the deep. And make here prove her love to me, I take all that I can take. I push her to the limit, to see if she would break. She might take it back, She could take it back Someday (continuous G for a moment) ^-----let the 8 ring with 10 e:-------------------10---------------------| B:-8(hold)/10--12--8-----(12-10-8)----------| ---(12-10-8)=hit string once, G:------------------------------------------| let fingers up in sequence D:------------------------------------------| A:------------------------------------------| E:------------------------------------------| e:-------------5h7----3-------5/7---10-10h12--12bend13--12/10--| B:-8/5---5(p)-------3---3--------------------------------------| (p) shake/ G:-------------------------------------------------------------|hammer finger D:-------------------------------------------------------------|when note is A:-------------------------------------------------------------|played E:-------------------------------------------------------------| e:-7/3---------------------------------------------------------| B:----3----0h3--3h5-5--5h7-7/8-8/10--12---12/(mute after 8)----| G:------0------------------------------------------------------| D:-------------------------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------| (h)=hit 3, let 3 finger up with other finger on 2 e:---3h2--3h0-----3h2--3h0-----3h2-3-------3h2-3---------------|\ B:----------------------------------3-----------3--------------| \ G:-------------------------------------------------------------| > Repeat x3 D:-------------------------------------------------------------| / A:-------------------------------------------------------------| / E:-------------------------------------------------------------|/ At the end of the 3rd repeat, a secound guitar comes in with this (you'll get the idea) e:---15h14--15h12----15h14--15h12----15h14--15-----15h14-------| B:---------------------------------------------15--------15----| G:-------------------------------------------------------------| D:-------------------------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------| e:---15h14--15h12----15h14--15h12-----15h14--17----15----------| B:-------------------------------------------------15----------| G:-------------------------------------------------0-----------| D:-------------------------------------------------17----------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------| Now I have seen the warnings, screaming from all sides It's easy to ignore them, God knows I've tried All of of this temptation, (inner turned my faithfull eyes?) Till I couldn't see the danger, or here the rising tide She could take it back, she will take it back Someday She will take it back. She will take it back Someday(Cadd9) G Then more of the same at the end Goodnight, have fun, drink pepsi, eat cookies, always have a large supply of cold deli meat, and i'm outta here.