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 Another Brick In The Wall de Pink Floyd

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Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd sur
Another Brick in the Wall part 2 Tabbed by: By: Pink Floyd John Cooke Verse h e e dq h e q q G|-------------------------| Play this 6 times, then move on to the D|*-----------------------*| prechorus. A|*-5---3-5-R--5---5--0-3-*| E|-------------------------| Pre chorus w w w q q q q After playing this once, play the verse G|------------------------------| one time, then go to the chorus. D|------------------------------| A|------------------------------| E|-3-----3-----3-----3--3--3--3-| Chorus w w G|-----------| After the chorus, play the verse, don't repeat and D|-----------| switch over to the chorus again. This should be played A|-------3---| 2 times, then go on to the verse again. E|-3---------| Guitar Solo h e e dq h e e dq h e q q G|-----------------------------------------| As you can see, very similar to D|*---------------------------------------*| the verse. Play this for the A|*-5----3--5-R--5----3--5-R---5---5--0-3-*| rest of the song. E|-----------------------------------------| Listen to the actual song to see how your part fits in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key w = whole note = 4 beats h = half note = 2 beats q = quarter note = 1 beat dq = dotted quarter = 1 « beats e = eighth note = « beat s = sixteenth note = ¬ beat R = rest *-----* = Repeat *-----* = That's the song in a nutshell. Enjoy! My e-mail is out of order, so no comments please.