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 Careful With That Axe Eugene de Pink Floyd

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Careful With That Axe Eugene - Pink Floyd sur
Pink Floyd Careful With that Axe Eugene Bass and Guitar Tab Tabbed out by Sam Simmons This is the 8 minute Ummagumma Version. Bass Guitar plays this line a D way down low. This could also be done in Drop D by playing the open E and d string. But It sounds better like this: e ------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------------------ D-----12---------12---------12--------12--------12 A------------------------------------------------------ E--10------10---------10--------10--------10----- Gilmour is basically playing the scales. But you can sound just as good playing a bit of these chords. e--1--------0 B--3--------5 G--2--------0 D--0--------X %Repeat A--X--------X E--X--------X Then when he gets into the screaming you can hear the basic Middle Eastern sounding Scale. But you guys can figure it out.