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 Scared de Plankeye

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Scared - Plankeye sur
Plank Eye "Scared" Transcribed by Jared Romero> Here is the guitar part for the song as it goes over the bass. Just listen to the song and you'll get the timing. INTRO (quiet) |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |--7/9-7--5-4--5-4--------------------------------------------| |------------------5--5/7-5-------5-7-7/9-7-5-7-5----5/7-5----| |-------------------------------------------------------------| (/) slide Then the bass really kicks in. The guitar feedsback. Bar everything. D D D - A - B - G (4x) Verse: (D-A-B-G) D A B G D A B G I feel your presence when I'm on my knees Asking for forgivness, Lord hear my cries and my pleas ... Chorus: (A-B-G) A B G A B G I know you're there Lord, I know you care A B G A B G I know you set me free, but I'm still scared Bridge: (D-A-B-G) just downstroke four even times on each chord D A B G D A B G I know you're there, but I'm still scared Verse 2: Through prayer, Lord I see the works you've done in my life, even when times get hard, you give me up into your light ... OUTRO (shhhh) |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |--9-7--5-4-5-5/7---7/9-7-5-4---------------------------------| |-----------------------------5-5/7-5--7-7/9-7-5-4-5---5/7-5--| |-------------------------------------------------------------| Written by Plank Eye Copyright 1994 Tooth & Nail Records All rights reserved