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 Walking On The Moon de Police

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Walking On The Moon - Police sur Guitariff.net
WALKING ON THE MOON (as recorded by The Police) Original music by Sting h = hammer on for next note p = pull off for next note s = slide up to next note (n) = optional fingered note This is a simple song to play. I use it when I jam with my Buds. There's a lot of space. Verse |--------------------------------------------------------------------------- |------------------s3---2----------------------s3---2----------------------- |---3---3---5---------------3-------3---3---5-----------3------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Giant steps are what you take... Riff into chorus |------------------- |-------5---5---5--- |---5--------------- |------------------- Chorus |--------------------------------------------------------------------------- |---------------3---3---3---3---------------5---5---5---5------------------- |---1---1---1-------------------3---3---3----------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some may say...