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From () Nntp-Posting-Host: In article>, Manfreid I Chua> writes: Could someone please show me the chords/tabs of Pets???? Thanks, Man I think there are three chords and they sound like F#7sus4 Abm6 (?) E I---------------0-----I---------------0-----I----------------0-----I I--------0------0--0--I--------0------0--0--I---------0------0--0--I I--------3---------3--I--------4---------4--I---------1---------1--I I----4------4---------I----6------6---------I----2-------2---------I I----4------4---------I----6------6---------I----2-------2---------I I---------------------I---------------------I----------------------I Basically it is an open E chord slid up two frets, then slid up two more frets except altered slightly. I think the above rhythm is also correct. However, I don't own a copy of the song, I've only heard it about 3 times, and I've never had a chance to play along to test my tab. G this could be GROSSLY wrong. But it works for me and I like the way it sounds. Mike Alex Lifeson used this on Xanadu and Hemispheres, but I like Perry Farrel's idea better.