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 Porpoise Head de Porno For Pyros

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From Sun Apr 27 11:13:31 1997 [The following text is in the "ISO-8859-1" character set] [Your display is set for the "US-ASCII" character set] [Some characters may be displayed incorrectly] Porpoise Head by Porno For Pyros off of the Warner Bros. release Good God's Urge from stephen j. at You know, I'm sick of there not being any Porno For Pyros posted up here. But I've decided to do more than just complain about it^Å. Porpoise Head is easily one of my favorites, and since only Pets and Sadness are running, I felt as though it deserved to be posted as well. Granted, this part of Porpoise Head is only a fraction of the song, but it is at least something new from Porno. The entire opening shabang here is played off of one chord (everybody's favorite chord, the E!) and one non-chord (just open strings). It is quite simple, and anyone who wishes to figure it out has likely done so already, but again I was bored with the lack of posted Porno. Here it is: E (release the E) E---------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------0------------------------------------------------ G------1--------------------------1--------------0------------------- D------------2--------------------------2-----------------------0---- repeat A-----------------2---------------------------2----------------------- E-----------------------------0---------------------------------------- This is the opening riff and the one which repeats throughout much of the song. It sounds as though it may be down-tuned half of a step or so. I reason that I did not write the notes (h,q,e etceteras) in is because I think that it sounds nice while being played at just about any speed or tempo. Just screw around with it and hear what you think sounds nice, or accurate, whichever you are going for. Now lets see if we can't get some more Porno posted. You know, we really cannot have too much. And at current pace, with the new album being due out in just about three more years or so, we really had better hurry! J Now I'm off! e-mail stephen j. if you have any more Porno For Pyros or Jane's Addiction guitar tab (including additions to this song). Maybe some Deconstruction would be nice too^Å stephen j. is "I've got big-toed fish to fry!"