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 Somebody To Love de Queen

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Somebody To Love - Queen sur Guitariff.net
t. See http://www..net/faq/ for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Artist: Queen Song: Somebody to Love Tabbed by: Oren Steinitz (PHR08RS@vmsa.technion.ac.il) I've started transcribing this song but I only found the chords for the intro and the first two verse. I still need the bridge and the chords for the solo. (The 'A Day At The Races' version is in Ab and the '5 Live' version is in G the transposed chords are at the end of the file.) Intro: Ab Eb/G Fm C# Eb Verse: Ab Eb/G Fm C# Eb When he shouts "LORD!", play an Ab chord PreChorus: Ab Ab Somebody... Chorus: Ab Eb7/G Fm(/Ab) Fm(/C) C# Since I know that everybody hates transposing, here are the chords for the 5 Live version: [G D/F# Em/G C D] - Intro, first bit [G A D/F#] - Second bit [G D7/F# Em/G C] - 'Any body find me...'