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 Another One Bites The Dust de Queen

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Another One Bites The Dust - Queen sur Guitariff.net
Another One Bites the Dust, by Queen (John Deacon) off the 1980 album, "The Game." Grammy award for best cross-over record, thanks to the bass riff stolen/ loaned/ borrowed/ influenced by Chic's "Good Times." Anyway, here is the intro riff, and the primary verse riff: G--------------------------- D--------------------------- A--------------------------- E-53-0-0-0--00-0-3-5 This is played throughout the song, about a million times. the second riff (pre-chorus) is: G---------------------------------------------------------------------- D--------------5-----------------------------------5------------------ A-3-3--3-45------3-3--3-45-----3-3--3-45-------------------- E---------------3-----------------3-----------------3--5-5--5-67- ready. . . hanging. . . outta. . . . to the. . . Play riff 1 here, 3 times, then play the following bit: G------------------- D------------------- A------------------- E-2---765-5---2 Hey gonna. . . During the instrumental break, riff 1 is played a few times, but in concert, John Deacon plays the below riff, while Brian May improvises all over the D-scale. G----------------- D----------------- A----------------- E-0-2-3-2-0-0 He alternates back and forth between that and riff 1 for the solo, then returns to the verse. Good plucking!