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 This Lullaby de Queens Of The Stone Age

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This Lullaby - Queens Of The Stone Age sur
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - THIS LULLABY Interpreted by Toon Spin Chords in standard tuning: ====== Em: [x 7 9 9 8 x] Bm: [7 9 9 7 x x] Dm: [x 5 7 7 6 x] Am: [5 7 7 5 x x] Just pick through the notes one by one while listening to the song and you should be able to figure out the little transitions in no time at all. Enjoy! Em Bm Where, where you been, my love Bm Em Where, where can you be Em Bm It's been so long since the moon has gone Bm Em Oh, what a wreck you may be Dm Am Are you there over the ocean, Bm Em Are you there up in the sky? Em Bm Em Until the return of my love, this lullaby The rest of the song follows the same pattern.