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 She Goes Nanas de Radios

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She Goes Nanas - Radios sur
She Goes Nana - The Radios -------------------------- D-----------0--| A-----0--3-----| E--3-----------| (riff) C Dm Em Dm C F G (riff) She's____________ like a rainbow C Dm Em Am F Fsus4 F G Gsus4 (riff) Sways____________ while she glows C Dm Em Dm C F G (riff) Moves____________ like a river C Dm Em Am F Fsus4 F G G/F Turns____________ while she flows Uuh Yeah Em Am And the she steels your heart away Em C G Em Am D Dsus4 She's taking it all someday I'll make her mine Yeah Em Am You look into her angel eyes Em/G F B Em Am Bsus4 B The cherry red sun will rise and love will shine C#m A E B When she goes Nana Nana Nana Nana E A B Colors will keep on turning B B/D# E A Shimmering by like a rainbutterfly E A E Cruising the blue blue sky G7 (or riff) Oh she Shines___________ like a flower Fades____________ while she grows Uuh Yeah And then she wipes your tears away She's holding your hand someday like lovers do Yeah You hesitate another while She's showing her magic smile and dreams come true When she goes Nana... (twice, second time ending in F#m followed by A/B) E7 A /A /G /F She's on the run Em F#7 Bm Flies on and on Am D Em She's cruising the sky my friend F#m G#7 And in the end she goes Nana Nana na Nana Nana Nana Nana Colors will keep... When she goes Nana Nana... (ending with) E A C D E Cruising the blue blue sky_____________ The last chords are played like this: C D E e-----------0-----------2--|--0---------------------| B--------1-----3-----3-----|--0---------------------| G-----0-----------2--------|--1---------------------| D--------------0-----------|--2---------------------| A--3-----------------------|--2---------------------| E--------------------------|--0---------------------| hopeYouCanUseIt theTone