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 Wake Up de Rage Against The Machine

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Wake Up - Rage Against The Machine sur
Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine ================================== The bottom string is tuned down to D Tab Transcription by Nick Haworth ( 1st Riff -------- e:-------------------------------------| B:-------------------------------------| G:-------------------------------------| D:-------------------------------------| A:---------3-----2--3-----3--5--0--3--2| E:0--0--0-----0--------0--3--5--0--3--2| 2nd Riff -------- e:----------------------| B:----------------------| G:----------------------| D:------3-----5---------| A:3--5-----5-----3--3--4| E:----------------------| RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE : WAKE UP (solo) Here is the solo from Rage Against The Machine's, "Wake Up", off of their debut album. This solo starts at about 2:56, and goes to about 3:15... You can figure out the rhythm... It's one of my all time favorite solos. |---------------------------------------|------------------------------- --------| |-------5--6-----8-------6--5-----------|------------5-----6------------ --------| |--7------------------------------5-----|--5--------------------7------- --------| |---------------------------------------|------------------------------- --------| |---------------------------------------|------------------------------- --------| |---------------------------------------|------------------------------- --------| Check out the Unofficial Page of Lars: -Lars