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 Apache Rose Peacock de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Apache Rose Peacock - Red Hot Chili Peppers sur
hi! this is apache rose peacock of red hot chili peppers. can be useful? i hope. The Red hot chili peppers is one of my favourite band I hope that this transcription is useful. I'm working on the bass part. Write to me!! Rhythm figure 1 E-------------X--------X-X-----7/9--|----------X-----------------| B-------------X--------X-X-----7/9--|----------X-----------------| G-----7---7---X--7---7-X-X-7---7/9--|---7---7--X--7p0--6----7----| D-----------------------------------|----------------------------| A-----------------------------------|----------------------------| E-----------------------------------|----------------------------| E-------------X--------X-X-----7/9--|----------X-----12-12-------| B-------------X--------X-X-----7/9--|----------X-----12-12-10---8| G-----7---7---X--7---7-X-X-7---7/9--|---7---7--X--7--12-12-11---9| D-----------------------------------|----------------------------| A-----------------------------------|----------------------------| E-----------------------------------|----------------------------| Rhythm figure 2 E13-13--13---13---13-13--13-13--X-13-|-15-15-X-15--X-15--15-15-15-15--X-15-| B15-15--15---15---15-15--15-15--X-15-|-14-14-X-14--X-14--14-14-14-14--X-14-| G17-17--17---17---17-17--17-17--X-17-|-14-14-X-14--X-14--14-14-14-14--X-14-| D------------------------------------|-14-14-X-14--X-14--14-14-14-14--X-14-| A------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| E------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| Rhythm figure 3 E-15------15------15---15---X--X---14-|-15---15---15--15----15---15--15-| B-14------14------14---14---X--X---13-|-14---14---14--14----14---14--14-| G-14------14------14---14---X--X---13-|-14---14---14--14----14---14--14-| D-14------14------14---14---X--X---13-|-14---14---14--14----14---14--14-| A-------------------------------------|---------------------------------| E-------------------------------------|---------------------------------| Rhythm figure 4 E---7-----7--------7-----7---|-----------------------------| B---8-----8--------8-----8---|----7------------------------| G---9-----9--------9-----9---|----7------------------------| D----------------------------|----7------------------------| A----------------------------|-----------------------------| E----------------------------|-----------------------------| E-----------------------------------|---------------------------------| B---0--0--0--0--3-----0--0--0--0--3-|-0--0--0--0--3-----0--0--0--0--3-| G---2--2--2--2--2-----2--2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2--2-----2--2--2--2--2-| D---1--1--1--1--2-----1--1--1--1--2-|-1--1--1--1--2-----1--1--1--1--2-| A---2--2--2--2--2-----2--2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2--2-----2--2--2--2--2-| E-----------------------------------|---------------------------------| Rhythm figure 5 E---------------------|---------------------| G---------------------|---------------------| B---------------------|---------------------| D---------------------|---------------------| A-------------------2-|---------------------| E--0----0--0---3------|--0-----0-----5---3--| (with rhithm figure 1) Sittin'on a sack of beans, sittin'down in a New Orleans, You won't belive what I've seen, sittin'on that sack of beans. Lunatics on pogo sticks, another soutern fried freak on a crucifix. Hicks don't miss with politics, peolple on the street just kickin' to the licks. (with rhithm figure 2) Yes my favorite place to be is not a land called Honah Lee. Mentally or physic'lly, I wanna be in New Orleans. (with rhithm figure 3) Oh good brother, just when I throught that I had seen it all, My eyes popped out, my dick got hard and I dropper my jaw. I saw a bird walkin' down the block, name Apache Rose Peacock, I could not speak i was in shock, I told my knees to please not knock (with rhythm figure 2) Yes, my favorite place to be. It's not a land called Honah Lee. Mentally or physic'lly, I wanna be in New Orleans. (with rhythm figure 4) (C do do do do,) Ba da bom, (do do do do do do) bom bom bom bomnomn n monomn oh yeah (C do do do do,) Ba da bom, (do do do do do do) bom bom bom bomnomn n monomn oh yeah Additional lyrics A little boy came along, name of Louis Armstrong. Said that who left me silly, she liked the looks of me and my willy. G I found her in the quarter, good God how I adored her. Oh she made me feel so cozy, when she told me I could call her Rosey. I kiss you hair, your skin so bare. I'll take you with me girl, anywhere. You fare well in stormy weather. I never met a girl that I liked better. Twinkle twinkle little star, shining down on my blue car. Drivin'down the boulevard, she was soft and I was hard. Apache Rose gotta rockin' peacock, hottest ass on the goddamn block. Rockin' to the beat of the funky-ass Meters, she has on of those built-in heaters. Write to >:->