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 Organic Anti-beat Box Band de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Organic Anti-Beat Box Band Red Hot Chili Peppers I listened to a live tape of the band to figure out the guitar part for this song. It was a lot clearer than on the album. Verse E5 D5 E5 G5 A5 e-|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B-|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G-|-/9-----9--x--9-------7--x-x--7--|-/9-----9--x--9------------------| D-|-/9-----9--x--9-------7--x-x--7--|-/9-----9--x--9------------------| A-|-/7-----7--x--7-------5--x-x--5--|-/7-----7--x--7-------5-5----7-7-| E-|-----0--0-----0------------------|-----0--0-----0--0----3-3----5-5-| Welcome friends to my thoughts The fax city 4 were four young men of when E5 D5 E5 A#5 A5 G5 e-|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B-|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G-|-/9-----9--x--9-------7--x-x--7--|-/9-----9--x--9------------------| D-|-/9-----9--x--9-------7--x-x--7--|-/9-----9--x--9------------------| A-|-/7-----7--x--7-------5--x-x--5--|-/7-----7--x--7----------8--7--5-| E-|-----0--0-----0------------------|-----0--0-----0--0----0--6--5--3-| Time has come, now we jam With the Uplift Mofo Party Plan Chorus B We represent the Hollywood kids B Hollywood is where we live D We represent the Hollywood kids E Organic Anti-Beat Box Band Here's the bass line under the solo: G-|---------------------|--------------------| D-|-/4--2---------------|--------------------| A-|--------5----4--2----|------2-------------| E-|-------------------5-|-5---------3--------| If you would like to help me tab some more Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, e-mail me at