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 Out In La de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Out In La - Red Hot Chili Peppers sur
RHCP - GREEN HEAVEN (OUT IN LA) This is the only riff basically. The middle section is just an improvised muted strings funky type rhythm bollox. Might try adding the solo at the end at a later date, even though it is distorted to **** and back with a voice box. Em7(#9) E-|-------------------------------------------------| B-|---7777xxx-----------red-hot-chili-peppers-------| G-|---6666xxx---------------------------------------| D-|---7777xxx6--x5------main-riff-from--------------| A-|---8888xxx---x-------green-heaven----------------| E-|-0--------4--x3----------------------------------| HINT: Most of the other demo songs on this album are based on the same chord. RHCP - STRANDED (OUT IN LA) Stranded, stranded, stranded on a toilet bowl What do you do when you're stranded And there ain't nothin on the roll To prove your a man, you must wipe it with your hand Stranded, stranded on a toilet bowl! Notated by Eddie, eater of worlds, out in the backwoods where the chuck berries grow. email