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 Tearjerker de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Tearjerker - Red Hot Chili Peppers sur
TAB: Tearjerker solo MUSIC BY: Red hot chili peppers TABBED BY: Andrea Brigo ( E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-9-9-9/11-11-11-11/12-12-12-12/11-11-11-11/12-12-14-14-14-14/12-12-12-12/11 D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|-11-11-11/9-9-9/7-7-6-6/4-6-4-4-4-6-6-9h11p9-7---7------------------------- G|-----------------------------------------------9---7-5-5-7-5-4------------- D|---------------------------------------------------------------5-(7)-(5)--- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------10------------------------------------------------- B|-10-8----8---------8-10---------------------------------------------------- G|------10---10-7-10--------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any correction send a mail to Tearjerker. By Red Hot Chili Peppers from their latest album One hot Minute This was picked out and written down By Martin Wikstrom in Sundsvall, Sweden. Since I donīt have my own eMail address you have to use my brotherīs if you want to reach me. Itīs: Name the mail something with "martin" It could take weeks to answer your mail but please, write something to me if you liked this or if you want to correct it in any way! Starts off with a Dsus4 e--0--------0----------------------------- B--3------3---3--------------------------- G--2----2-------2------------------------- D--0--0-----------0----------------------- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------------- B---7p5h7---5p3(h5)--3p1------------------------------------------ G-------------------------4b5r4---4b-(\2/7)----------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------- I dont know if this part is played with a 12 stringed guitar. It sound very high to me, but I donīt know. Anyway, the chords are: D D(On C#)? G A Bm A5 Bb5 C Em F#m e-----------------------3------5----2---------------0----0--2----- B-----7-----7-----------3------5----3---------------1----0--2----- G-----7-----7-----------4------6----4---------------0----0--2----- D-----7-----7-----------5------7----4-----2---3-----2----2--4----- A-----5-----4-----------5------7----2-----0---1-----3----2--4----- E-----------------------3------5-------------------------0--2----- The thing is that I donīt know if there is a 12 stringed guitar or if you play these chords up around the 12-15 fret. The chords should be played in a arpeggio kind of way Something like this: (THIS IS NOT EXACT) D DonC# G A e-------------------------------3----------------5---------------- B--------7----------7-----------3--------------5-5---------------- G--------7----------7------------------------6-----6-------------- D-----7----7------7---7------5-----5-------7---------------------- A---5-----------4------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------3-------------5------------------------- D DonC# G A D My mouth fell open Hoping that the truth would not not be true DonC# Bm Refuse the news D DonC# G A D Iīm feeling sick now - What the fuck Am I supposed to do DonC# Bm Just loose and loose A5 A5 Bb5 A5 A5 Bb5 D DonC# G A D First time I saw you You were sitting backstage in a dress DonC# Bm A perfect mess D DonC# G A D DonC# Bm You never knew this But I wanted badly for you to Requite my love C Em C Em C Em Left on the floor Leaving your body When highs are the lows F#m Em F#m A5 Bb5 A5 Bb5 and lows are the way G hard to stay Guess now you know I love you so D DonC# G A D I liked your whiskers And I liked the dimple in your chin DonC# Bm Your pale blue eyes D DonC# G A D You painted pictures Cause the one who hurts can give so much DonC# Bm You gave me such C Em C Em C Em Left on the floor Leaving your body When highs are the lows F#m Em F#m A5 Bb5 A5 Bb5 and lows are the way G hard to stay Guess now you know I love you so I think the ending is something with Bb5 C5 D5 I havenīt had the time to pick out the solo, maybe later. Well thats it. Hope it is right and that you enjoy it! Bye! / Martin Wikstrom ---------------------------------318001839326429--