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 Warped de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Warped - Red Hot Chili Peppers sur
Warped Red Hot Chili Peppers from the album One Hot Minute This was their first video since 1991 and no one tabbed it. I decided to give it a shot by myself. There are probably a few mistakes but it gives you a good idea of what to do. Any corrections and additions are welcome. If you want to help me tab some more Chili Peppers songs (both old and new), email me at Now, on to the music! Intro I just strum Em (022000). This gets boring if you're playing alone but the special effects on the CD give it more movement. Verse Riff e-|---------------------------------|-------------------------------| B-|---------------------------------|-------------------------------| G-|---------------------------------|-------------------------------| D-|---------------------------------|-------------------------------| A-|-----5h7-x-5h7-x-5h7-x-5h7-x-----|-----5h7-x-5h7-x-5h7-x-5h7-x---| E-|-0---------------------------5---|-0---------------------------5-| G much love G rare to dare Chorus G5 F#5 G5 G5 F#5 G5 e-|-----------------|------------------| B-|-----------------|------------------| G-|-----------------|------------------| D-|-12--11--12------|--12--11--12------| A-|-10---9--10------|--10---9--10------| E-|-----------------|------------------| She said All the way Verse 2 Chorus 2nd part of Chorus G5 F#5 E5 G5 F#5 D5 G5 F#5 A5 C5 B5 A5 G5 F#5 E5 e-|----------------|----------------|-----------------|--------------------| B-|----------------|----------------|-----------------|--------------------| G-|--12--11--9-----|--12--11--7-----|--12--11--14-----|--17-16-14-12-11--9-| D-|--12--11--9-----|--12--11--7-----|--12--11--14-----|--17-16-14-12-11--9-| A-|----------------|----------------|-----------------|--------------------| E-|----------------|----------------|-----------------|--------------------| Everyday Warped and scared Solo Verse 3 Bridge G-|----------------------------|-----------------------------| D-|----------------------------|-----------------------------| A-|--7-x-5-x-x-7-x-5-x-x-10-9--|--7-x-5-x-x-7-x-5-x-x-11-10--| E-|----------------------------|-----------------------------| Play Em (xxx121212) over this bass part. Outro The song is in E minor up until the outro when it changes to E major. The chords are a bit tricky so here are the voicings for this part of the song only. C#sus x 4 6 6 7 x C# x 4 6 6 6 x G#m 4 6 6 4 4 4 E(1) x x 14 13 12 x C#m x x 11 9 9 x C#m6 x x 11 9 11 x E5 0 7 9 9 x x D#5 x 6 8 8 x x C#5 x 4 6 6 x x B5 x 2 4 4 x x E(2) 12 14 14 13 x x If you listen to the song, you'll hear when to hold the chord and when to arpeggiate. C#sus C# G#m C#sus C# G#m E(1) E(1) E(1) E(1) C#m C#m6 C#m C#m6 E5 D#5 C#5 B5 E(2)