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 Breaking The Girl! de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Breaking the Girl from Blood Sugar Sex Magik by The Red Hot Chili Peppers I've never found a tab for breaking the i tabbed it......i think it's right..... Tune down a whole step Intro/Verse The rythm is diffcult...i tried to explain it....i hope you understand it.. e|------------------------------9-----| B|----2----/4/5-------7----9----10----| G|----2----/4/5-------7----9----9-----| D|----2----/4/5-------7----9----------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| ^ ^ ^ ^ I.....'m a man...cut from...the know ----------Pre-Chorus------------- C G Fmaj7 Feeling so good that day C G Fmaj7 A feeling of love that day ------------Chorus---------------- Am E7 Am/C G Twisting and turning your feelings are burning E7 You're Breaking The Girl Am E7 Am/C G E7 She meant you no harm Am E7 Am/C G Think you're so clever but now you must sever E7 You're Breaking The Girl Am E7 Am/C G E7 He loves no one else Bridge e|------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------13--13--13--| G|-------2--2----------2-2----------2--2----------12--12--12--| D|-------2--2----------2-2----------2--2----------------------| A|--0------------0---------------0----------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| I've tabbed E7, Am/C and Fmaj7 chords......if you don't know them ;) E7 Am/C e|-------|-------|---0---| B|---3---|---1---|---1---| G|---1---|---2---|---2---| D|---2---|---2---|---3---| A|---2---|---3---|---3---| E|-------|-------|-------| for any mistakes or question, mail me : See ya:*** Piccione