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 Easily de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Easily - Red Hot Chili Peppers sur
Title: Easily Album: Californication Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers Main riff, repeat all along the song: G --------------------2--------------- D ------------0-----0---0-3-----5----- A 0-----0-3-0----------------------0-- E ------------------------------------ In the end of it there are some variations, which are always different from each other. Mainly you can use mine variations or play your own (just try to fit them. I'll give you a hint - guitar at that time plays Am chord). These are totaly my own creation G 2--2--2-----|------|----2-----2-|------2----- D --------2---|------|--2-----2---|--------2--- A ----------0-|0/12--|0-----0-----|0--0------3- E ------------|------|------------|------------ This is played per choruses and outro G ------5----------------- D --------5---------5----- A 3---------3----------5-- x2 E ------------3----------- G ------------------------ D ------7-----------5----- A ---------7----------5--- x2 E 5-----------5---------3- Well, that's about all. Oh, right. Song structure... Intro x 1 Verse x 4 Chorus x 1 Verse x 4 Chorus x 2 Interlude (same as verse) x 2 Verse x 2 Chorus x 2 Outro x 4 Petras --------------------===========================-------------------->