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 Rolling Sly Stone de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Rolling Sly Stone - Red Hot Chili Peppers sur
Artist: red hot chili peppers Song: rolling sly stone Album: live at Hyde park As this is the first tune i've managed to tab this might be a little rusty but to me it sounds ok. Don't hesitate to alter to it. this includes a bit of bass because when played, on its own, you might bore yourself without flea's bass riffs(to play with no bass part, play only up to where it goes onto the d string). if you would like to learn the bass riffs i'll probably put that on the internet aswell. hope i haven't bored you reading this but please injoy the tune. |x-------------------------------------------- |x-------------------------------------------- |x-2-0-2-4/5-2-0-2-4/5-2-0-2-4/5-------------- |x-------------------------------0--0---0----- |x------------------------------------3---3-0- |x--------------------------------------------