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 This Is The Place de Red Hot Chili Peppers

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This Is The Place - Red Hot Chili Peppers sur
This is the Place - Bass tab By the Red Hot Chili Peppers >From the Album "By the Way" Tabbed by Tabmaster Timothy Marti ( Normal tuning verse+chorus: Used for the whole song, except for the 2 transitions G-|-------5-5-------|-------5-5-2-2-2-| D-|-7-7-7-----5-5-5-|-3-3-3-----------| A-|-----------------|-----------------| E-|-----------------|-----------------| G-|-----------------|-----------------| D-|-------7-7-------|-------5-5-------| A-|-5-5-5-----8-8-8-|-3-3-3-----5-5-5-| E-|-----------------|-----------------| Verse Transition: Right before going into the chorus (which is the same as the verse) replace the 4th bar with this one \/ G-|----------------| D-|----------------| A-|-3-3-3-33-5-3-5-|use this every time you go into E-|----------------|the chorus Interlude Transition: Use this bar when going into the interlude (which does not have bass) G-|-----------------| D-|--------555------| A-|-3--x-3----5-5-5-| E-|-----------------| Endbar: (x1) G-|-----2-------| D-|-------------| If you can't play this straight through, A-|-0-0---------| then stop playing the bass - Tim E-|-------------|