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 Sittin At A Bar de Rehab

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Sittin At A Bar - Rehab sur
artist: rehab title: sittin at a bar transcribed by: Matt ( this is my first time tabbing out a song so it's not 100%, but it sounds good. (intro) e ----------------------------------------------- b ------------9----9---9----9-------------------- g ------------9----9---9----9-------------------- d ------------9h11-9---9h11-9--11--13--11--9----- a ---------9------------------------------------- E -----11---------------------------------------- e --------------------------------------------x-x b --9-----9---9---------------7---7---7---7---x-x g --9-----9---9---------------7h9-7---7h9-7---x-x d --9h11--9---9h11------9-----7---7---7---7---x-x a -------------------9------------------------x-x E --------------------------------------------x-x e ---------------------------------------- b ---------------------------------------- g ---------------------------------------- d ------------9h11-9---9h11-9------------- a ---------9------------------------------ E -----11--------------------------------- "Baaaaartender I really.... (riff 1) e ----------------------------- b ----------------------------- g ----------------------------- d ------------9---------9------ a ---------9---------9-----11-- E -----11--------11------------(x2) (riff 2) e -------------------------- b -------------------------- g -------------------------- d --------9----------9------ a -----------11---------11-- E -----11----------11-------(x2) then play (riff 1) and (riff2) for whole song. when rapping part comes in play intro again. i don't know the chords at the end. enjoy