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 Do Ya Think Im Sexy de Revolting Cocks

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C Ya Think I'm Sexy? by the Revolting Cocks from the album "Linger Ficken' Good... and Other Barnyard Oddities words and music by Al Jourgensen, Luc Van Acker, Bill Rieflin, Chris Connelley and Paul Barker tabbed by Tom Mallon Main Bass Riff G |------------------------------------------------------------| D |.----------------------------------------------------------.| A |.----------------1-----------------------------1-1---------.| E |-3-3----3--3--3-----3---3--3--1-2-3-3--3--3--3-----3-3--1-2-| During chorus, ultra-distorted guitar makes a whole bunch of noise. It could be playing the chords implied by the bass notes, but I can't tell. It sounds good if yo do that, though. This part is done by both horns and keyboard and comes after the chorus. E ----------------------------------------------- B ----------------------------------------------- G ---------7----10~~~~--7~~~---8p7-8p7----------- D -5----8------------------------------8p7h8~~~~~ A ----------------------------------------------- E ----------------------------------------------- E ----------------------- B ----------------------- G -5p3-5p3--------------- D ----------5p3h5~~~~---- A ----------------------- E ----------------------- This is what I do for the solo, which is played by a sax. It's not what really goes on there but sounds close enough to fake it. E |------------------------------| B |--13^-13^----13^---13^----11--| G |.-12^-12^----12^---12^----11-.| D |.----------------------------.| A |------------------------------| E |------------------------------|