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 Like A Daydream de Ride

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Like A Daydream - Ride sur Guitariff.net
"Like a Daydream", from the CD Smile ================= If you don't have "Smile", Ride's first CD, you should go out and get it...its really worth it. This is one of the best songs I've heard in my life: Intro: D - Bm ===== - You can use traditional chords or barre chords (the latter are easier). This bridge comes after the last D before the verse: |------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |----------------------------------0------------------------------------------- |------2---2---0---2p0-0------2------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Verse: ===== D G F#m Em Bm "The way your hair is down, it melts into your face...(?)" - Again, you can use barre chords or tradition chords, but barre allow for more rapid changes in this relatively quick song. D: xx0232 or 557775 Bm: x24432 G: 320003 or 355433 F#m: 244222 Em: 022000 - The lead guitar is soling in the key of D These notes are outlined below: |------9-10-------------------------------------------------------------------- |--------10--12---------------------------------------------------------------- |------9--11-12---------------------------------------------------------------- |------9--11-12---------------------------------------------------------------- |------9-10--12---------------------------------------------------------------- |--------10--12---------------------------------------------------------------- Play any of these notes really quickly with mild distortion any it will come out sounding like it does on the CD... - Thank you for all who wrote to me regarding my Vapour Trail tabs...any commen ts are much appreciated! Van Vekris (3ev1@Qucdn.queensU.ca)