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 Going To A Go Go de Robinson Smokey

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Name: Going to a Go Go Artists: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Transcribed by: Jason Yankee Note: This is all my own work. Main Chord Progression: "There's a brand new place I found a.." G 5 chord, F 5 chord, D 5 chord, F 5 chord, G 5 chord Other Part: "Dont you want to go ? ...." G chord, D minor chord, C chord, G 7 chord, G chord, D minor chord, G chord Note: If you play the chords, using the inversions that I have listed then I think it sounds better. Some chords defined: G 5 chord - D note, G note F 5 chord - C note, F note D 5 chord - A note, D note G chord - B note, D note, G note D minor chord - A note, D note, F note C chord - G note, C note, E note G 7 chord - G note, B note, D note, F note Note: The D minor chord might be a D minor 7 chord D minor 7 chord - A note, C note, D note, F note D 5 guitar chord: x 5 7 x x x G 5 guitar chord: 3 5 x x x x F 5 guitar chord: 1 3 x x x x There's other ways of playing these chords. Consult the guitar chord generator to find them and the other chords. Any Questions ? Please e-mail me at Good Luck ! Jason