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 The Man Who Have Seen Everything de Rockfour

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The Man Who Have Seen Everything - Rockfour sur
Note: "The man who have seen every thing" is a great song of an Israeli great band called "Rockfour". This is the main song of the Album "The man who have seen every thing", That the band came up with at 1995. This album is in Hebrew but the band ,in a try to get on the world map, have published two great albums in English the first one called "Supermarket" and the second one that have been published only month ago and I think is great called "One fantastic day". And I think you should listen to both. "The man who have seen everything" verse: A Dm A A/G F A Dm A F A G Chorus: G C C C7 C7 F F Bd Ad C C Bd Ad C C Soon I will publish more stuff of "Rockfour" including stuff from "One fantastic day". For any comments, questions or if you have found something wrong with my cords please write to: Itamar.