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 Rose Tint My World de Rocky Horror

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Rose Tint My World - from the Rocky Horror Picture Show ------------------ Words and music by Richard O'Brien, around 1973. C (COLUMBIA) It was great when it all began F C I was a regular Frankie fan C But it was over when he had the plan D G to start working on a muscle-man C Now the only thing that gives me hope F C is my love of a certain dope Rose tints my world keeps me G F C safe from my trouble and pain. C (ROCKY) I'm just seven hours old. F C Truly beautiful to behold. And somebody should be told D G my libido hasn't been controlled. C Now the only thing I've come to trust F C is an orgasmic rush of lust Rose tints my world keeps me G F C safe from my trouble and pain. F Fm (BRAD) It's beyond me. Help me, mommy. C I'll be good, you'll see. Take this dream away. F Fm What's this, let's see, I feel sexy. C G What's come over me. Whoa-- here it comes again. F Fm (JANET) Oh I--I feel released, bad times deceased C My confidence has increased. Reality is here. F Fm The game has been disbanded. My mind has been expanded C G It's a gas that Frankie's landed. His lust is so sincere.