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 Sailing de Rod Stewart

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e: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 09:38:25 +1000 Sailing Written by Sutherland Rod Stewart From Atlantic Crossing Album Easy melody Version D7 G Em C G Am e|--------------|-----0---0--|-0-----------|---------------|----------------- B|--------------|-0-3--------|------3-3--1-|-1----0---0--1-|-0--0-------0---- G|------0----0--|-----0---0--|------4-4--2-|------0---0----|-0--0---2-------- D|-0-2----------|------------|-------------|---------------|----------------- A|------2----2--|------------|-------------|---------------|----------------- E|--------------|------------|-------------|---------------|----------------- I am Sail-ing I am sail-ing home a-gain 'cross the sea I am sail-ing stor- I am fly -ing I am fly -ing like a bird 'cross the sky I am fly -ing pass- Em Am G e|-----------------|------------|--------------| B|-----------------|---0--------|--------------| G|-2-0----0--------|-------2-2--|-2-0--0-------| D|---------------0-|-2-----0-0--|--------------| A|---2----2--------|------------|---2--2-------| E|-----------------|------------|--------------| my wa - ters to be near you to be free ing high clouds to be with you to be free