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 Vows Go Unbroken de Rogers Kenny

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Resent-to: MIME-version: 1.0 The vows go unbroken Burr/Kaz sung by Kenny Rogers & Holly Dunn b7 E7 A D G e G A D G D G A D 1. From the mo- ment I met you you made my life com-plete 2. And to-night when we kissed, you still took my breath away 3. Though I have been tempted oh I've never strayed b G D G A 1. This wave of pure e-motion has swept me off my feet 2. It goes without saying but I'll say it any- way 3. I'd die before I I'd damage this union we have made D A G D G A D The vows go un-broken and you still know I do. G A D G D e D Love, keep, and honor, always true to you. Bridge: b7 E7 A D I knew from the first, for better or worse b7 E G A I'd stand by you all my life.