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 Distant Early Warning de Rush

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Distant Early Warning - Rush sur
Well, the only RUSH guitarist I know of is some "Lifeson" guy; *I've* never actually played for the band, anyway. :) I started working this song out long ago and never finished it; none of the people I was jamming with at the time liked Rush. EADGBE xo |||||| |||||| ||||oo - Barre w/first finger |||||| |||o|| - Middle finger |||||| VII ||o||| - Pinky An ill wind comes a-rising across the EADGBE x |||||| |||||| III |o||oo - Barre w/first finger |||||| ||oo|| cities of the plain; there's no swimming the heavy EADGBE x |||||| |||||| X |o||oo - Note: 10th fret! |||||| ||oo|| water, no singing in the acid rain. Play the root of each chord with all muted downstroke 1/8th notes, then "splash" the rest of the chord on the "and" of beat 4. The guitar parts during the verse "Left and rights of passage..." are just arpeggiated variants of the above. Hope this give you a start.