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 Evil Ways de Santana

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Evil Ways - Santana sur
EVIL WAYS BY SANTANA Am D Am D You got to change your evil ways, baby Am D Am D Before I stop loving you Am D Am D You got to change, baby Am D Am D And every word that I say is true Am D You got me runnin' and hidin' Am D All over town Am D You got me speakin' and believin' Am D And runnin' you down E This can't go on Am D Am D Lord knows you got to change, baby When I come home, baby My house is dark and my thoughts are cold You hang around, baby With Trina, Joan and a who knows who I'm getting tired of waiting and fooling around Go find somebody that won't make you feel like a clown This can't go on Lord knows you got to change Repeat last verse It's a pretty easy song. The strum goes as follows: Am down slap D up down slap Am up up slap D up down up down up. Any corrections etc are welcome. Sarah Robinson