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 Europa de Santana

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Europa - Santana sur
"Europa" By Santana (please note - this is only my interpretation of the song) This is an old time favourite. When it first came out - it went straight to number one. To this day, it still sounds just as good as when it first came out! Here is it... RHYTHM: Step 1: Just a barre chord held a step below the top string (5th string) E--5----3----| B--6----3----| G--7----4----| D--7----5----| A--5----5----| E-------3----| Step 2: Changes to a C then to an A minor... E----------| B--1----1--| G--0----2--| D--2----2--| A--3----0--| E----------| Step 3: Same chord as step 1..then changes to an E major. E-5--------| B-6--------| G-7----1---| D-7----2---| A-5----2---| E----------| LEAD: Step 1: E------------5-7-8-7-5----| B-3(slide)-5----------8-6-| G-------------------------| D-------------------------| A-------------------------| E-------------------------| Step 2: E-------------------| B-6-8-10-12-10-8-3-5| G-------------------| D-------------------| A-------------------| E-------------------| Step 3: E-----------------| B-5-6-8-10-8-6-1-3| G-----------------| D-----------------| A-----------------| E-----------------| Step 4: E--------------| B-3-5-6-5-5-3-5| G--------------| D--------------| A--------------| E--------------| Step 5: E---5-12(bend)-10| B-5--------------| G----------------| D----------------| A----------------| E----------------| Step 6: E------------------------| B-12-12-13-15-17---------| G----------------17-16-14| D------------------------| A------------------------| E------------------------| Step 7: E------------------------------------| B----------------------17-18-17-18-17| G-14-14-16-17-19-19-19---------------| D------------------------------------| A------------------------------------| E------------------------------------|