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 Taxidermy de Sappo

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Taxidermy - Sappo sur
Sappo Taxidermy taken from the album, "kindred spearmint" Organic records tabbed by Captain Vegetable okay here ya have it, its a cool song thats easy to play first tune your D string to the opening chord of the song, tune all strings accordingly, (get it? chord?) heres how i play it E----xxx---666---xxx---333 B----777---666---555---333 G----777---777---555---444 D----777---888---555---555 A----555---888---333---555 E ---xxx---666---xxx---333      D     Bb    C     G seems to work pretty well this is the whole song, just different rythms, the secondguitar parts can all be played by plucking single strings within the chords, if this is wrong, fix it, if you can't figure it out, e mail me, if you use this e mail me, cuz i like e mail. have fun, God bles, CV My Page: (go there, it's cool)