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 Tied My Hands de Saron Gas

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Song: "Tied my hands" - (extract from the debut album "Fragile") Band: Saron Gas Tabbed By: Alex G Another great song from the south african band, Saron Gas ! Such a simple song but which shines by its sobriety and by its raw aspect ! It kicks some serious ass ! Grab your guitar and jam. Standard tuning: ---------------- EADGBe Chord : -------- C Intro - Verse : (Main Theme) -------------- Palm muting, electric guitar w/ slight distortion and chorus Can you remember when..... e|------------------------------------------------------------- b|------------------------------------------------------------- g|---------0--------------0------------0-------------0--------- d|-------9---9----------9---9--------9---9---------9---9-------- a|----10-------10---10-------10---10-------10---10-------10------- E|--0-------------0-------------8-------------8-------------0---- Then play the the verse and chorus just by strumming the chord and add more distortion ! Enjoy !