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 Exhilirating Sadness de Saw Doctors

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Exilarating Sadness SawDoctors From the very 'basic' riff goes like g-7-7-7-42-4-24-4-4-67-7-6-4-2 b------------------------------ e------------------------------ G C You were sitting in a cafe Am D at a table by the juke-box G C Am Making cups of coffee last for years G C You never heard the fanfare Am D never saw the sunshine rising C Am and the summer slipped in unnoticed D from beneath your tears The following verses are played the same as the first, The pounding big bass rhythm shook the room, shook your little heart all the talk that whistled through your ears You were minding your own buisness but you were everybody elses and the summer slipped in unnoticed from beneath your tears All the girls around you were captured by your presence your lucid features admired and revered Deep in your eyes I recognise exhilarating sadness And the summer slipped in unnoticed from beneath your tears This mid section goes as follows C Time flew bye D You moved on C D The shop street days are long since gone C All of the laughter D and all of the tears C Am D I still see your likeness through the years