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 The Second You Sleep de Saybia

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The Second You Sleep - Saybia sur
Date: 10/5-02 Artist: Saybia Album: The Second You Sleep Song: The Second You Sleep Tabbed by: nTNzT e-mail: These are the chords to Saybia's blast of a song "The Second You Sleep" as far I am able to hear and transcript them. They may not be 100% acurate while I'm not too good at hearing more than if it's a minor or major chord. This is all my work and all errors are solely mine alone. Feel free to mail me if you need help or have a better transcript of the song. Thanks to Saybia for being one of the best Danish bands in a long time!!! Well here we go. Standard tuning. Listen to the song for the rhythm. Chords: E Am Cm B A5b AB EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE 022100 X02210 X46654 X24442 xxx24x 466544 Verse 1 E Am You close ... eyes E Am and leave ... side Cm you close ... see B the love ... inside A A5b A the love ... me Verse 2 same as 1 Chorus Cm A I stay ... fade away E I dream ... tonight B tomorrow ... gone Ab it gives me time Cm A to stay ... fade away E I dream ... tonight B tomorrow ... gone Ab A A5b A I wish ... stay Verse 3 same as 1 That's it. You should be able to figure the song out now. Regards nTNzT