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 Crazy de Seal

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Received: from ( []) by (8.6.4/8.6.4) with SMTP id PAA17696 for>; Sun, 6 Feb 1994 15:20:25 -0800 Message-Id:> Crazy (Acoustic Mix), by Seal, from the maxi-single "Crazy." The song is simple, all chords probably played in first position, except perhaps the A chord, which might sound better as 077650. E G A man decides after seventy years A That what he goes there for, is to unlock the door E G (Fill 1) A While those around him criticize and sleep E G And through a fractal on a breaking wall A I see you my friend, and touch your face again E G Miracles will happen as we dream C G D But we're never gonna survive unless A We get a little crazy [repeat last two lines] That's all the music; here's my attempt at the second verse from memory: All the people walking through my head One of them's got a gun To shoot the other one And yet together they were friends at school But of four were [?] there when we first took the pill They'll be back, be back, baby Miracles will happen as we sleep At this point the acoustic version cuts out; a voice enters: Behold, here cometh the Dreamer What will become of his dreams? But you could just move gracefully back to the chorus... :-) klaw PS please drop me a line if you use this - i like to know that my work isn't for naught. :-)