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 God Must Be A Cowboy de Seals Dan

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God Must Be A Cowboy - Seals Dan sur
GOD MUST BE A COWBOY Recorded by Dan Seals CAPO: 1st FRET; KEY: G#; PLAY: G [G] a campfire, some [C] coffee From a [G] tin cup in my [G7] hand [C] Sure warms the fingers when it's [G] cold ...[G7] [G] a-playin' an [C] old guitar A [G] friend I under-[G7] stand [A7] Sure smoothes the wrinkles in my [D] soul ...[D7] A-[G] sleepin' in the [C] moonlight A [G] blanket for my [G7] bed [C] Leaves a peaceful feelin' in my [G] mind ...[G7] [G] Wakin' up in the [C] mornin' with an [G] eagle over-[Em] head Makes me [G] want to fly a-[D] way be-[D7] fore my [G] time CHORUS And I think [G] God must be a cow-[G7] boy at [C] heart He made [D] wide open [D7] spaces from the [G] start ...[D7] He made [G] grass and trees and moun-[G7 tains And a [C] horse to be a friend And [D] trails to lead old cow-[D7] boys home a-[G] gain ...[G7] [C] Night life and big cities Is al-[G] right for awhile [G7] [C] Sure makes you feel good when you're [G] there ...[G7] But the [C] country's so pretty It goes [G] on and on for [Em] miles [A7] takes away my troubles and my [D] cares ...[D7] CHORUS And [D] trails to lead old cow-[D7] boys home a-[G] gain.