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 Breathless de Seers

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Breathless - Seers sur
BREATHLESS by The SEERS (from the album "Psych Out") Intro: F C G (twice) F C G The wind and rain drove hard and I could not see a thing I looked outside my window and saw a hundred staring faces a mixture of drinks and drugs had numbed my mind by nightfall then something in me snapped and I just driped off to sleep D Am Rit: uuuh and I get breathless in the night D Am uuuh and I just wanna go to sleep C G rest my weary head and gently drift away rest my weary head and gently drift away You can stare at the riches you can stare at the world but a million staring back at you will knock you off the wall I've been a film star I have been a rock star but now I'm nothing at all and I just wanna go to sleep Rit: ... Outro: F C G ... Note: you should play the basic pattern (F-C-G) by strumming-stroking on the lower four strings. Enjoy it! Angelo Taibi