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Tangled with The Error Send the Beggar Cd-Send the Beggar Rustproof Records Transcribed by Jason Byrd This is a great song. I think I pretty much have the Intro and Chorus chords, I could use a little help with the rest. I'll keep working on It. Ok. There are two guitars in this song. One is tuned to Drop D (DADGBE), And the other is standard. The Drop D guitar is the one that plays the cool intro part. I think there are three used, and possibly a fourth. To start use some distortion, and add a medium speed flanger. Then add some multi-tap delay. The fourth effect could possibly be a tremolo. You can get by with just distortion and a flanger though. Ok this song doesn't use drop d tuning the way it is normally used. Instead of the normal chunky crunchy power chords, StB got creative and the result is awesome. The whole kinda techno sound is a D twelvth fret harmonic played on the detuned E string. To do this lay your index finger lightly on the string just above the twelvth fret. when no effects are used, hitting(picking) the string should make a bell like sound. Use the effects I mentioned and you hear a familiar sound. Mute the rest of the strings using a fifth power chord type shape. e[--------x--] b[--------x--] G[--------x--] D[--------x--] A[--------x--] D[-------(12)] Harm. Without the tremolo, you'll have to strum the rythm, but it sounds good. Then the the other, standard tuned guitar comes in with this, or something like it. e[-------------10--10---8--] b[---------------------------] G[---7---7------------------] D[---------------------------] A[---------------------------] D[---------------------------] The chorus is just standard tuned fifth power chords. E#5 D#5 C5 D5 [---] [---] [---] [---] [---] [---] [---] [---] [10] [ 8 ] [ 5 ] [ 7 ] x4 [10] [ 8 ] [ 5 ] [ 7 ] [8 ] [ 6 ] [ 3 ] [ 5 ] [---] [---] [---] [---] I haven't figured out the fill that plays over top of these chords, I'll work on it. Help would be appreciated. That's all I have right now. Questions, comments, suggestions e-mail me at In His Everlasting Love