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 User Friendly de Seth Weitberg

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"User Friendly" Written by Seth Weitberg with inspirations from Dave Nelson = Transcribed by Intro: (repeat twice) E--------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------- A---------------------------7-7---5----- E-3-3-8-8-10-10-8-8-3-3-7-7-----5------- Verse:G B E A D G B E A I don't know why you think you're so-o cool D G You think you're all bad-ass I know ju-u-ust a fool B Em Am You call me every second on the pho-o-one D G When will you realize to just le-e-eave me alone (This chord pattern is used throughout all verses) Bridge (used between all verse to chorus carry overs): E-----------2---- B---------------- G---------2-2---- D-------2-2------ A-----2-3-------- E-----3---------- Chorus:G C D (C/\=3Dstrum the chord back and forth) (G*=3Dhit the first three stings of the G chord twice then pause and repeat four times) G C D C/\ G* And I'm not gonna take, anymore of this shit G C D C/\ G* Your life is a mess, so get over it G C D C/\ G* = Your more anoying than, testicular itch G C D C/\ G* G you can go and shove it, you user friendly bitch Verse: (use the same chords as the first verse with the = chords falling on the same sylables) You think it's great that you can smoke all day Chicks with black lungs, aren't cool a-a-nyway You wish Theyer Street was your ho-o-ome Well it should be, cause you never leave Bridge. Chorus. Following chorus go right into this single picking version of the first two lines of the chorus played all on sixth E E-3---3--8-8--10-10-8-10-8----10-8----3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 I'm not gonna take a-ny-more of your shit E-3---3---8--8-10-10-8--10---8--10--8-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 = Your life is a mess so just get over it Follow this by soloing on the D penatonic scale (for those who don't know the notes in a D Penatonic are as follows) D PENATONIC E-10------13------- B-10------13------- G-10----12--------- D-10----12--------- A-10----12--------- E-10------13------- After soloing for a while do the next verse very quitely barely touching the strings Verse: All you do call me with your po-ot stories I just sit yawn, 'cause their bo-o-oring This is a sad little life of yo-o-ours But it is just the life, of a pot-head whore Bridge (during each chord of the bridge get louder and louder): Chorus (for this last chorus play loud, and turn on the over drive) Seth Weitberg is a local artist, if you'd like to order a demo or get = more info write