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 No One Is Innocent de Sex Pistols

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No One Is Innocent - Sex Pistols sur
artist: Sex Pistols title: No One Is Innocent album: The Great Rock and Roll Swindle tuning: standard intro: F Eb D C Bb F x2 verse Bb God save the sex pistols they're a bunch of wholesome blokes Bb F They just like wearing filthy clothes and swapping filthy jokes Bb God save television keep the progrmas pure Bb F God save William Grundy from falling in manure chorus Eb Bb Eb Bb Ronnie Biggs was doing time until he done a bunk Eb Bb F Now he says he's seen the light and he sold his soul to punk second verse God save Martin Boorman and nazis on the run They wasn't being wicked God that was their idea of fun God save Myra Hindley God save Ian Brady Even though he's horrible and she ain't what you call a lady chorus third verse God save politicians God save our friends the pigs God save Idi Am and god save Ronald Biggs God save all us sinners God save your blackest sheep God save the good samaritan and god save the worthless creep chorus outro- F sold his soul, etc. comments, corrections to -I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5-string bass