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PROBLEMS As Recorded by The Sex Pistols From the Album Never Mind the Bollocks Intro (Main riff) 4x ||---------------------------|------------------------|| ||---------------------------|------------------------|| ||*--------------------------|-----5-----5--7--7-----*|| ||*--7--7--7--5-----5--5--7--|--7--5--7--5--7--7--7--*|| ||---5--5--5--3-----3--3--0--|--0-----0-----------5---|| ||---------------------------|------------------------|| Solo (Play over intro chords) 16x |--5------5--5-----5--5-----||---5--5------5--5-------||--5------5--------| |--5------5--5-----5--5-----||---5--5------5--5-------||--5------5-----5--| |-----7b--------7b-------7--||*--------7b--------7b--*||-----7b-----7--5--| |---------------------------||*----------------------*||------------------| |---------------------------||------------------------||------------------| |---------------------------||------------------------||------------------| |-----------------------------| |--(5)b-----5--5--(5)b--5--5--| |--(5)b-----5--5--(5)b--5--5--| |--------7--------------------| |-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| Those are only the VERY basic riffs you need to play this song. Of course it would be nice to have the verse and chorus, but i have no ear, and this was all GW 1/95 gave. G could someone help me with the rest of this song? I would also really appreciate it if someone could send me the lyrics. Send corrections, additions, comments, anarchic insight to me, amit, at: BTW Did you notice how Jones used only 4 notes in the entire solo? Goes to show how 4 notes from the heart mean more than a billion from the head. SO FUCK YOU, DREAM THEATER!!!!! Heh, later.