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 Black Sheep de Sexton Martin

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e: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 01:01:32 -0400 BLACK SHEEP by Martin Sexton From the album "Black Sheep", 1996 Eastern Front Records F 133211 C x32010 Dm xx0231 Bb x13331 (x1333x) G 320001 (320033) F C Dm Bb Sittin in this lonely town wonderin when things are going to change F C Dm Dreamin my life away and it seems them dreams have Bb turned into a bunch of dust clouds F C Dm Bb Gettin my nerve up, but my past is pullin me down F C Dm Bb Wonderin how long this black sheep can stick around F C Dm Bb F Somebody told me once before you can never go home again once you leave C Dm Bb Say anything just to scare me away from the truth of who I am and what I believe C Dm Bb G I thanked him for his two cents with a shake and some sympathy F C Dm Bb And I packed up my blue jeans and I headed for the big prize of my freedom [Chorus] F C Dm Bb Bye bye black sheep, black sheep of the family F C Dm Bb Bye bye black sheep how that means so much to me F C Dm Bb Bye bye to my friends and my family F C Dm Bb Bye bye black sheep goin off to set my soul, set it free [Bridge] G Bb Times they were a changin, I did just a little re-arrangin G Bb Take a couple chances, my progress it advances C F/C/Dm/Bb To that prize of my freedom* It's written in the stars steel bars never will a prison cell make Once I find that sweet home or a place I like to call home anyway Some people will say I'm crazy singin out loud like I do here on the street When I got a song I sing it out loud and if you don't like that my friend, Well I'm gonna say to you [Chorus] *{note: he holds this last note and the chords come in towards the end} Tanscribed by Geoffrey Smith> Please submit corrections/comments/suggestions.